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Activyl Spot-on 600mg For Large Dogs 15-22 lbs (20-40 kg) | UnitedPetWorld.Com

Activyl Spot-on 600mg For Large Dogs 45-88 lbs (20-40 kg)


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Activyl Spot-on

Activyl ® spot-on is a flea for dogs (and cats) is a drug that through bioactivation. Activyl's active substance is indoxacarb. This is a pro drug that will work after bioactivation in the flood. On the skin and fur of the dog is the relatively inactive indoxacarb, which is contacted by the flood and enzymatically biodegradable into a flea-dying metabolite in the flea. This results in a nutritional state of the insects within 0 to 4 hours after treatment. Then the fleas get paralyzed and die.

In fleas, for indoxacarb in addition to the killing effect on adult fleas, efficacy against the developing larval stages in the immediate vicinity of the treated animal has also been demonstrated. In addition, indoxacarb may be used as part of the treatment of flea allergy dermatitis. 

Activyl may be used in dogs from 8 weeks of age and a body weight of at least 1.5 kg, not perfumed and packaged in 4 pipettes in 5 different weight classes. It prevents flea infestations for at least 4 weeks after administration.

Weight of the dog (kg / lbs)

To use the size of the pipette

Volume (ml)

1.5 - 6.5 / 04 - 14 

Activyl spot-on solution for very small dogs


6.6 - 10 / 15 - 22

Activyl spot-on solution for small dogs


10.1 - 20 / 23 - 44

Activyl spot-on solution for medium-sized dogs


20.1 - 40 / 45 - 88

Activyl spot-on solution for large dogs


> 40

Use appropriate combination of pipettes



PACK CONTAINS - 4 Pipettes


The pipette can best be opened by flexing the aluminum-colored side to itself. Push the hair apart until the skin is visible and place the tip of the pipette against the skin between the shoulder blades in dogs. Press the pipette firmly and apply the entire contents directly to the skin. In larger dogs, the entire contents of the pipette (s) should be administered evenly in two or three or four places, at different places along the back line from the shoulder to the tail base. Do not apply such a large amount of solution in one place that the solution of the flank of the animal can run.

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