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Avitrol Bird Mite and Lice Spray


  • $6.95

Avitrol Bird Spray

Avitrol Bird lice and mite spray is a solution that controls feather mites and lice in caged birds. It also ensures safety of the bird's environment by securing the cages, perches and nest boxes. The treatment is based on natural pyrethrins, which ensures a glossy fur on the birds after the application of the spray.

Hold spray about 40 cm from bird and spray directly onto it. Avoid spraying in eyes. Also spray cage, perches and nest box thoroughly to avoid re-infestation, as mites will inhabit and lay their eggs in secluded places. Remove water and food bowls before spraying.

Key Features

  • Controls feather mites and lice
  • Natural pyrethrins
  • Available Sizes : 125Ml, 250Ml, 500Ml

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