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Hippiron Iron Injection For Horses | UnitedPetworld.Com

Hippiron Iron Injection For Horses


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Hippiron Iron Injection For Horses 20 Ml

Hippiron ad us. vet. is a sterile, pyrogen-free, alkaline solution for the therapy of iron deficiency anaemia in horses. The iron in the injection solution is present in trivalent form as a macromolecular Iron (III)-hydroxide Sucrose Complex. Iron (III)- hydroxide is absorbed as ferritin (depot iron) by the liver, from where its is transported as transferrin to the site of erythropoiesis. The normalisation of the Hb value and replenishment of the iron depot is faster and safer with Hippiron than with oral iron preparations.

Key Features

  • Treatment of iron deficiency anamemia
  • To improve oxygen uptake.
  • Anaemias due to parasitism, poor nutrition, haemorrhage
  • Possible Side Effects

  • Very occasionally, anaphylactic reactions can occur.
  • Countermeasures must be available for the treatment of a possible anaphylactic shock.

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