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Program Flea & Tick Oral Suspension For Dogs 6 Month Supply


  • $77.95

Program Flea & Tick Oral Suspension For Dogs

When fleas play havoc on your dogs and adversely affect your pet’s health, it is high time to protect your pet from such harmful parasites. Program Flavor Tablets for dogs is an effective product for controlling flea population. This flea treatment successfully eliminates all life stages of fleas in dogs.

Program Flavor Tablets for dogs is a scientifically proven formula that destroys and eliminates fleas eggs and flea larvae on dogs. The powerful ingredient Lufenuron works to provide full treatment that stops fleas to multiple. Lufenuron, as a pesticide stops the growth of flea eggs and larvae. This active ingredient does not kill adult fleas, therefore Capstar can be used for eliminating adult fleas.

Key Features:

  • Country Of Origin - UK
  • Program Flavor Tablets is an effective flea management product
  • It kills flea eggs and flea larvae
  • Prevents re-infestations by destroying flea life stages
  • Easy to administer as can be given directly into the mouth or mixed with food
  • Available Doses : Dogs 21-45lbs Brown, Dogs 46-90lbs Grey, Dogs 5-15lbs Red
  • Available Pack : 6 Pack

Directions :

  • Weigh your dog and select the appropriate pack of Program Flavor Tablets.
  • Administer orally directly into the mouth after feeding or mix with pet’s food.
  • Make sure that the entire dosage has been finished by your dog.
  • Repeat the treatment at an interval of a month preferably on the same date.

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